Laura's Pictures

Laura asleep

Here she is just a few hours old, oblivious to what all the fuss is about.

She is wrapped in one of her specially knitted shawls.

We're still in the hospital in case you hadn't guessed!

Changing Laura

Here I am changing her for the first time, that's an experience!

When you have a baby it doesn't come with an instruction manual!!

Still in the hospital!

Nikki & Laura

Nikki cuddling her.

Definately got mummy's cheeks!

Still in the hospital!

Proud daddy

A very proud daddy.

I am feeding her because mummy is having a rest....anyone would think that she'd done something strenuous!

Still in the hospital!

Laura relaxing

Laura is relaxing on a pillow on my lap enjoying her surroundings.

We've escaped from the hospital.....horray!!!!

Laura still relaxing

I think she is watching me taking a picture of her.

She is now about a week old.

Hard day

Nikki and Laura are exhausted and fast asleep.

Got them when they weren't looking!

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